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Mount Pleasant Cottage School UFSD - School Reopening Plan

PLEASE NOTE:  This Plan will be updated regularly and may be revised at any time to best support the public health and educational needs of the Mount Pleasant Cottage School District community.  Additionally, the district recognizes the many challenges associated with creating a facility reopening plan during a pandemic.  This plan is offered as a possibility should the community health situation allow for a safe reopening of facilities.  Finally, as of August 3, 2020, the Mount Pleasant Cottage School District does not have the capability to test individuals for COVID-19.  The district is exploring possibilities, however, obtaining on-site, rapid result testing remains a challenge.  


Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Stephen Beovich

Mount Pleasant Cottage School Community,

I must start by thanking the entire community as each stakeholder group has continued to impress me with tireless work and flexibility throughout the closure. This work has continued throughout the summer, and I am thoroughly impressed by Curriculum, Facilities, Health & Safety, and Special Education Committees for their relentless work and dedication in helping draft our reopening plan.

As a parent, I understand the anxiety many of you face as the time draws nearer to returning your child to school. With that in mind, our reopening plan was drafted with extreme caution with health and safety always taking priority. I do want to highlight some key points of our plan:

  • All parents/guardians have the option to continue to have their child’s instruction delivered remotely.
  • Face coverings will be mandated for all students and employees unless medically unable or a student has the inability to wear a mask listed as an IEP accommodation.
  • NYSDOH guidance regarding social distancing will be enforced.
  • All students and staff will need to pass a temperature check daily before entering the building.
  • There will be multiple points of entry for students.
  • A cohort model will be used, and students will remain in their classrooms while teachers travel for all classes in virtually all cases to limit student exposure.
  • There will be student entrance periods before school and after lunch to ensure safe arrivals.
  • Elementary classes will return at full capacity in large spaces throughout the district.
  • Alternatively assessed students will return at full capacity by utilizing large spaces or multiple classrooms.
  • All other classes will be delivered through a hybrid model.
  • The district will be closed for cleaning and disinfection every Wednesday (subject to change), and all instruction will take place remotely.
  • A second thorough cleaning and disinfection will take place every Saturday.
  • If there is a positive case in the district in lieu of direct clearance from the Westchester County Department of Health the district will at the minimum close or quarantine locations of potential exposure for 24 hours, if possible. The length of any additional closure will be determined in consultation with the Westchester County Department of Health.

It is important to note that this plan is a living document and will be updated as circumstances require or to reflect new opportunities to enhance safety in the district. I encourage all stakeholders to thoroughly read the School Reopening Plan and contact me at 914-769-0456 ext. 1201 or if there are any questions, comments, or concerns.


Stephen Beovich

Superintendent of Schools

Mount Pleasant Cottage School UFSD





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