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From the Principal's Desk

Jessica Harris, Cottage School PrincipalTogether as a highly-skilled, compassionate and motivated team, the Mount Pleasant Cottage School faculty strives to meet our students where they are and support them through their incremental growth and development. Our Elementary School comprises students with a range of developmental, intellectual and emotional needs. Our Middle and High School programs serve students with various emotional and academic needs. We provide multiple layers of support to assist with the development of self-advocacy and motivation, along with academic and foundational skills growth.

The Mount Pleasant Cottage School offers a nurturing and supportive environment enabling students to achieve success. Our school serves students from kindergarten through high school and provides a rigorous curriculum leading towards a New York State Regents Diploma or Local Diploma. Additionally, we run a Career and Technical Education credential program in Culinary Arts, set in our state-of-the-art kitchen right here on our campus! This program allows students to acquire college credit and advanced status within the Westchester Community College Culinary program while simultaneously working towards their high school graduation requirements.

Within our classrooms, we maintain a small student-teacher ratio, with 8:1:1 the standard in our elementary classes and 12:1:1 the standard in our middle and high school classes. Our highly qualified faculty deliver a rigorous curriculum while ensuring students’ social and emotional needs are met. To further ensure success, all classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a 1:1 Chromebook initiative and TruTouch Boards. All students also have the opportunity for vocational training in our Cosmetology, Culinary, Graphic Design, and Technology programs.

We are proud to have created a supportive, caring community where students can achieve success.

Jessica Harris, Principal
914-769-0456 Extension 2302