About the Edenwald School

Principal Christine Leamon of the Edenwald SchoolThe Edenwald School consists of both self-contained special education classes and content area classes, and is currently serving approximately 130 Residential Students and Day Students addressing academic, social, behavioral, and vocational needs.  Students participate in physical education, art, computer graphics, health, culinary, cosmetology and technology classes.  

The Edenwald Program has classes for Regent Track students as well as those for Alternate Assessed students.  Students work towards their HS diploma or Skills and Achievement Credential.  Students can also earn a CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies) Credential.  

To prepare the students for employment, the Edenwald School offers work study programs, both on campus and in the community.  The Edenwald Vocational Programs have grown considerably in the past few years.  Students age 15 and older can take part in some type of vocational experience. Students begin with course work in CFM-Career and Financial Management and then earn hours in practical skills.  Edenwald students may participate in culinary arts where they gain basic cooking and food prep skills.  Students also work on social skills by taking and delivering orders.  The E3 Program (Education, Experience, and Employment) provides students with hands on experiences in carpentry, custodial, and cafeteria work. Students also work on the mail run, recycling management and running the school store.  The World of Work Program gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in the community.  Students work at a nursing home, children’s center, grocery store, retail store, drug store and community center.  They also work with one of the local food pantries.

A highly structured common core curriculum is provided for the students’ academic needs. All classrooms have computers which are linked to the Internet. Students have 1-1 access to either Chrome books or Ipads. Students also have access to a computer lab, Smart Boards in all classrooms, and a library.

Each class is assigned a certified School Counselor, Social Worker or Psychologist.  Group and individual counseling sessions are provided to meet the students’ needs as prescribed on their IEPs.  Speech and Occupational Therapists provide individual and small group sessions for those students requiring their services.


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